Saturday, 14 June 2014

Artix Entertainment review, Part 2.3

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2.3 Problem-solving
To deal with rowdy players in AdventureQuest Worlds, the staff have enforced their rules. Players who are found to be behaving badly are warned or even banned from the game. Hackers are punished as well. The most recent method of punishing hackers taken by AE was to remove all the items from a hacker's account and replace them with an unkind note, as well as all achievements gained by the hacker. This measure was taken in order to discourage players from cheating in AdventureQuest Worlds. This is in line with the Art of War's recommendation to use discipline while training one's troops.

In response to the dissatisfied subscribers of AdventureQuest Worlds, AE has been offering more subscriber benefits to players who have subscriptions of at least three months or more. For players who have fifteen months' worth of subscriptions, a new ingame class is offered to them. AE has also linked the subscriptions of AdventureQuest Worlds and HeroSmash so that players only need to pay for one subscription in either game.

Short post today. The next one will be on a unique problem this company has encountered over the course of hosting AQWorlds.

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