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Artix Entertainment review, Part 3.3

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3.3 Statistical Summary
For those who want a summary of how many guest celebrity events occurred in AQWorlds, there is a list below. This counter includes events where a particular celebrity outside AE is the main character/focus or has a major ingame appearance without actually performing, e.g. as a non-player character. There are other celebrities (e.g. Andrew Huang) present in some of the events, but they do not get the spotlight focused on them for the entire event. Events that commemorate an important real life event (e.g. AE workers' weddings) will not be counted, but noted anyway.

The current total of celebrity events and years present:
Voltaire Hernandez: 8 (2009-2013). 1 minor appearance as Artix's wedding guest, without performing.
One Eyed Doll: 3 (2009, 2010, 2012). 1 extra with Voltaire and George Lowe.
George Lowe (A television narrator): 1 (2010).
ArcAttack: 1 (2011).
Mia J. Park: 2 (2012-2013).
Ctrl Alt Del (Webcomic crossover): 1 (2011).
They Might Be Giants: 1 (2011).
Paul and Storm: 1 (2010). Same time as Jonathan Coulton.
Jonathan Coulton: 1 (2010). Same time as Paul and Storm.
Ayi Jihu: 1 (2011). Never mentioned or hired again by AE afterwards.

Total number of celebrity events from 2009 to 2013: 18.
Number of celebrity events by year:
2009: 3
2010: 3
2011: 5
2012: 5
2013: 2
Year(s) with the most celebrity guest events: 2011, 2012.

These events take up to a month on average as AQWorlds always sells virtual merchandise and wants as many players as possible to join in on the event. If the events' proportions are calculated by the total number of months, this calculation happens:
Months in 2009 to 2013 = 5*12 = 60
Months occupied by celebrities = 18
Percentage of time occupied by celebs = (18/60) * 100% = 30%

It may not seem like much for five years, but when it is broken down by individual years, this is the result:
Celebrities in 2009 = (3/12) * 100% = 25%
Celebrities in 2010 = (3/12) * 100% = 25%
Celebrities in 2011 = (5/12) * 100% = 41.67%
Celebrities in 2012 = (5/12) * 100% = 41.67%
Celebrities in 2013 = (2/12) * 100% = 16.67%
(Assumption: 1 celeb event is 1/12 of a year, a.k.a. A month.)

Coincidentally, HeroSmash was abandoned and its servers repurposed in 2011 (as the staff quotes below will show), joining the lineup of games to be neglected by AE, having no major storyline or gameplay updates since then. OverSoul joined the neglected lineup in late 2013, and its only updates as of this post are adding new characters for collection. A focus on AQWorlds was a factor in these games getting neglected.

A quote from Artix about adding servers to AQWorlds for one of the celebrity events:
Special Birthday Event This Friday
Join us for our special event with special musical guest band, They Might Be Giants! We are going to add some servers, raise the level cap, and have the biggest special event in the history of the game.

This is a quote from Beleen justifying the removal of some of the HeroSmash servers:
One more thing…!
A bunch of you have been wondering where the other servers have disappeared to. Well, seeing as to how the GIANT AdventureQuest Worlds event with musical guests They Might Be Giants releases tomorrow night, HeroSmash donated a few of its severs to help AQWorlds out!
Because sharing is SUPER! And we know super =p
Happy PumpCON everyone! Smash on

Of course, neither of them wanted to alarm players by stating that AQWorlds would not return the servers. It is only in hindsight that the real purpose of the server transfers is clear. Artix Entertainment seems to have given up on attracting players to their superhero game.

But I digress, and it is time to return to AQWorlds statistics.

This is the percentage of Gothic celeb events (Voltaire and One Eyed Doll) compared to non-Gothic ones between 2009 and 2013:
Total events = 18
Goth events = (11/18) * 100 = 61.11%
Non-Goth events = (7/18) * 100 = 38.89%
More than half of the events in AQWorlds involve Gothic celebrities, dissonant with the initially non-Gothic atmosphere of AQWorlds. AQWorlds is no Tim Burton production, and not influenced by his works either.

Surprisingly enough, on June 13 2014, AE decided that a Voltaire performance would distract from the ending of the Chaos storyline that was already planned. Hopefully this improved level of organization will be applied to the other neglected games. These quotes from the AQWorlds design notes should give you an idea why they decided not to shoehorn a musical event in.

According to Alina on June 10th, 2014:
Normally (as if THAT happens in AQW!!!), Friday the 13th brings a huge (horribly unlucky) event with musical guest star, Voltaire. But if you've read the info above, you know that we've already got more bad juju than we can handle! So while he jets off to parts unknown for another recording session, WE are going to keep things moving in a chaotic direction with the World War Lore event and a limited time shop!

We DO have an idea for an event with Voltaire later this year, but we should talk to HIM first before we give you any details!

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