Friday, 25 July 2014

Artix Entertainment review, Part 5.0

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5.0 Conclusion and Recommendations
AE should attempt to be less informal in their interactions, as this gives the impression that they are weak and incapable of laying down the law. The staff should also consider running proper background checks on their staff members to ensure that none of them will sour the reputation of AE.

Some of the staff members have been hired based on their talent alone, but lack the people skills required to communicate properly with consumers. Fortunately, not all the volunteers who are hired by AE will tarnish the company's reputation.

The company should also avoid using outdated techniques to attract players, such as forcing female players into revealing armour or making all female characters wear barely anything. This is because the revealing armour technique is used so often by almost all game companies that AE will not be unique if they do this. Instead, AE will look like a company that blindly follows trends, instead of one capable of innovation.

AE must consider the fact that focusing on a character's appearance is not good enough for character development. Especially not when the aforementioned physical appearance is nothing more than fanservice and previous events in the story do not agree with the new look.

The company should pay more attention to their other games, instead of just focusing on AQWorlds and its celebrity events, which the author will refer to as BroadwayQuest from now on until the situation changes. However, things may change as AE isn't letting a potential online Friday 13th concert distract them from completing the Chaos story, for once.

Because AE's resources will run out one day, the company should consider putting their expansion plans on hold until all the games are completely stable or they manage to hire enough people to keep all of their games online.

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