Sunday, 24 August 2014

Mekageddon concepts.

A bit of a teaser for my fan-game, which, to be honest, I won't be able to work on so soon. It will most likely be an animated web series or illustrated web-novel instead.

Atroxia Lion, the "cruel." Click to enlarge.
The idea behind Mekageddon is that Demolicious and my original characters (Lion Twins and Herakaris) decide to retrieve Pandora's Heart, which was stolen by Luigi daVinci and hidden in the villains' base.

Since Artix Entertainment never bothered to update the original HeroSmash to continue where the Park War left off, Mekageddon will be its continuation.

The flat, unshaded items are further sketches that show Atroxia's items in detail:
Blue bag: Ingredients for potions.
Test tube: Poison or healing salve, depending on situation.
Chest belt: Storage.
Knife: Self-defense weapon.

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