Saturday, 13 September 2014

Confessions on Character Wasting.

Or Why I Felt Like A Hypocrite.

Shortly after I wrote about Artix Entertainment leaving their HeroSmash characters to rot while making new projects, I was reminded of one of my abandoned concepts that I had "discarded" out of embarrassment.

This character in question was Purpure, a pirate catgirl. When I first designed and roleplayed her in 2007, she was portrayed as a pushy and somewhat nymphomaniac illegitimate child. It wasn't who I was at all, and I had gotten to a bad start in Puzzle Pirates because of it.

In 2008, I had changed her concept slightly, and she supposedly went back to England to study as a governess and become a time-traveler. That was around the time I quit Puzzle Pirates for several years out of boredom.

Now, in 2014, I have gone back to playing Three Rings' flagship game due to my dissatisfaction with Artix Entertainment. I have seen that although Three Rings focuses on other projects like Spiral Knights and Whirled, they still pay attention to Puzzle Pirates and don't over-extend themselves to the point AE did. (AE expanded at a rate of one major game project a year as of this post.)

Another key difference between Three Rings' and Artix Entertainment's approach to being close to players is that the former participates actively in their own sites and games, while the latter prefer external social networks to playing their own games.

Three Rings hasn't left as many games to rot like AE did, the former might still conduct maintenance checks even if there are no major updates. Artix Entertainment? To hell with everything except AQWorlds, it seems.

As befitting a return to an old game, I revised Purpure's concept once more. She is no longer a nymphomaniac, but she's still be a British catgirl, a bastard child adopted by her kindly step-uncle, and a fairly successful governess among the pirates.

If I hadn't, and continued to ignore the potential an ex-pirate time-traveler has in my repertoire of characters, I'd be hypocritical for criticizing Artix's wastefulness and being wasteful myself.

Afterword: Seems that pirates don't really mind English governesses after all, even if they've got animal bits where human parts should be.

Purpure's looking quite lost. (Source)

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