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The Four Stars Chapter One

Previous chapter: Prologue.

Chapter One: Moving Day.

The new world's ready, I'm ready to guard it and guide my chosen. ~The Watcher.

A red car with silver trimming went down the winding road to the outskirts of the city. The car was packed full of luggage, and the rear passengers were snoozing on the luggage put in the back seat.

"You sure we came to the right place?" Attie asked her twin sister Isabel, pushing her sharply cut fringe away from her face.

"Yes, Willow Creek. You asked that same question last month when we were first looking up real estate to move into," said Isabel.

"I asked that because Willow Creek was an area in one of the old video games we used to play in high school."

"Yes, it is named the same. No, your game didn't come to life. Tell me if any turns are coming up," the older Lion said.

Attie imitated the GPS in her hand, "Turn out left in five kilometers. Signboard will tell you anyhow."

"By the way, wake Hera and Francesca up. They ought to clap eyes on our new home."

Attie looked at the back seat and hissed, "Wake up, you lazybones."

The two rear passengers, one a plump young woman with brown hair, the other thin with dark skin and black hair, replied with snores.

"Hey, ding dongs!" Attie yelled. "Are you going to snore your lives away?"

There still wasn't any answer. Atroxia then played a heavy metal song on her phone. The brown-haired girl opened her big black eyes sleepily and asked, "Are we in Austin to watch One-Eyed Doll perform?"

"Ugh!" the brown-skinned woman exclaimed and bolted upright in her seat. "I hate that noisy shapeless music you gals call metal! Ever since Goth became mainstream, it's been shoehorned into everything!" she said, looking around with scornful blue eyes.

Attie chuckled. "No, sillies, we're heading to the Willow Creek housing project. Plus, heavy metal music's an acquired taste," she said, wagging her finger.

"That's the exact same name as the werewolf village in..." the brown-haired girl began.

The brown-skinned one interrupted. "Fran, every time you mention stuff related to that game, it makes me think of how the admins sold out and began stuffing Goth-metal into its aesthetics."

"What's wrong with Goth?" Francesca asked. Isabel found the turning and drove out.

"Plenty! When it became mainstream a few years ago, every Tom Dick and Harry hopped on the bandwagon! It's like, ugh, everything's so dreary and bothersome. Let's retell stories in a gloomier vein. Dress like creatures of the night! Make musicals about creepy crawlies! I, Herakaris, prefer not to be shut into a gloomy box!"

"You're talking to my cousin who moped her way through high school and wears way too much eyeliner, Hera. That's not going to register in Fran's fat head," Attie said in a mocking voice. Francesca timidly clasped her hands and looked out of the window, her chestnut ponytail swaying with the movement. Hera continued ranting about her dislike of dark alternative, while Attie tuned her out and looked out of the window too.

"Nice place," Fran said, looking at the neighborhood the car was now cruising through.

"Wait till you see our house on the bend," Isabel said. "Found it in a real estate catalog for cheap. Attie and I already sent for the basics before we came."

"It'll be rotten if we have to sleep on rugs our first week here," Fran remarked.

Isabel laughed loudly. "We won't! Don't worry so much," she said when she stopped laughing. Hera finally ran out of things to complain about as the car finally reached their new house. It was a gray stone house with two floors.

"Well, I'll be! Magnificent place!" Hera gasped. "Is there a place for me to conduct musicals?"

"Do that in your own room, Hera!" Attie exclaimed. "It's on the first floor. Not everyone wants to hear miss Broadway perform."

Francesca asked Isabel timidly, "I want my own room to hide in."

"There is one upstairs. Attie and I will share the other bedroom," Isabel replied. The four friends got out of the car and looked around.

Moving in was easier as the Lions had already planned beforehand, but the rooms were quite drab without much decoration. As Attie predicted, Hera promptly played some songs from Broadway in her room.

Plays just as badly as her singing.
At the moment, Hera's violin playing sounded more like mice squealing away. The moving day was quite uneventful, really. That night, just before the housemates went to bed, Isabel went onto the balcony and looked out at the night sky. A pair of hands clapped on her shoulders, making her jump.

"Attie! Don't scare me like that!"
Attie giggled as her elder twin jumped up in fright. Isabel frowned, then said, "I suppose you think it's still funny to sneak up on people like that."

"Well, I meant to call you in to bed."

"Couldn't you just say Isabel like a sane person would?" Attie just shrugged in reply to Isabel's question. "Well, I was about to go to bed anyway," Isabel said. "Come on, sis. There's long weeks of adulthood ahead."

The twins went back in, and put themselves to bed.

Next chapter: The First Week.

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