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The Four Stars: Main Characters

Main Characters (Click to enlarge)
Some of you won't be familiar with these people's origins, so I shall explain to the best of my ability. I have a personal connection with each of my chosen ones in some way as their patron.

From left to right, the four stars are Herakaris Keller, Isabel Lion, Attie Lion, and Francesca Takahashi.

Herakaris Keller

She is a musical maniac, a lazybones, and a gamer. In the old world, her music was so powerful that she could either fell people with her singing or calm down a crowd with a well-played song. Her singing is terrible no matter what reality she lives in. Should her music fail, she turns to guns as a backup plan.

Today, she only needs to worry about her bad singing irritating everyone else instead of felling them, and can lie around as much as she likes until business calls. My reason for being her patron is her passion for music and our shared fault of laziness.

Isabel Lion

She is a lover of books, art, and goodness of humanity. The elder twin sister of Attie, Isabel used to wield the power of life itself whenever she painted. In this world, she is simply a talented painter and craftsman. My reason for being her patron is her passion for art and loving nature.

Attie Lion
She is a lover of sports, self-confidence bordering on vanity, and the occasional unkindness. Despite this, she loves her twin sister Isabel. In the old world, she used her long legs and arms to fight. She also had an immense knowledge of poisons unprecedented in any superhero. My reason for being her patron is her passionate temper and her relation as Isabel's sister.

Francesca Takahashi
A tragic story follows this one. A loner who loves books but has an easily hurt heart. To put it simply, she (in her superhero persona of Demolicious) committed the crime of abusing the old world's most powerful artifact, as she wanted to sell the artifact in order to pay for her father's treatment. The artifact fell into the villains' hands instead of being sold on the black market, and Francesca could not cure her father.

Either way, Francesca/Demolicious was scorned, hated by all save my other three chosen. I became her patron out of pity, and hope to cure this wounded heart through her new life in my reality. To this end, I patched up her family as well as I could, for the old gods did not bother to elaborate on her home life. Mind you, she pronounces her name as "Fran-sess-ka" instead of the other way, a verbal tic.

The Watcher.

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