Saturday, 18 October 2014

The Four Stars Prologue

Prologue: The Watcher Disapproves.

I see a world very like our Earth that its creators have abandoned for lack  of their own initiative. The fools. Just because the viewers in our world think this world's uninteresting and unprofitable, they gave up. What happened to their verve of years past?

They say that the gods gave up as people no longer wanted to be heroes or villains in that particular universe. I say they were more interested in making celebrities in their medieval "pantomime" world.

Worse still, the old ones have committed one of the worst sins in creating worlds: refusing to salvage any good ideas from the husk they leave behind. For no work is completely irredeemable unless one is already terrible at creating worlds. The gods I criticize in this case are not bad at making worlds, but bad at maintaining anything but medieval Broadways.

I have asked them time and time again whether they will revive the idea of a superhero who is filial to her father, or a supervillain so suave that everyone believed him at first hearing. No, was their answer each time.

Very well, I will salvage the scraps they don't want, and use them in my own reboot of Super City. I have already salvaged the Lion Twins and Herakaris long before I started questioning the creators for abandoning their world. Francesca, you're coming too.

I'll make sure that all of you will have nothing to worry about but yourselves, ever again. I will not leave you to rot unlike your old gods. I shall protect this world with a vengeance.

The Watcher.

Next chapter: Moving Day.

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