Saturday, 15 November 2014

The Four Stars Chapter Eight

Previous chapter: Faraway Tree Found.

Chapter Eight: Voodoo Tricks.

It all started when Attie ordered a dolly from the internet. It wasn't the first thing on her mind. To be fair, she had been browsing joke sites, superhero stories, and Reddit all afternoon when she came across an advertisement for a voodoo doll.

"Stuffed with magic herbs and comes with its own prodder," Attie said when she read the ad for the dolly. "Jinx your buddies and make them puppets of your will. Disclaimer: Success rate varies."

"It costs twenty dollars," she remarked when she read the price. "Pretty cheap for a magic trick ever since I worked that desk clerk job. Well, I'm ordering one for myself." So she did, and read that the package would arrive in a few days.


It was the weekend when Attie received the package in the mail. She eagerly opened it after dinner while her housemates were chatting about their work, but had to wait till the next morning to try the dolly out.

She woke up early the next day before her twin Isabel, and crept over to Francesca's room. It was silent save for a little sleep-giggle now and then. Attie changed her clothes as she meant to get in some taekwondo practice before brunch.

Attie took out the doll and examined it. It was wrapped in a sheet of instructions. She unwrapped the doll and read them. "Bind the dolly to anyone you know of. You can stab the doll to irritate a real body, make it dance to cheer them up, or kiss it up to make them ready for love," the sheet read.

Attie decided to kiss up the doll. To her surprise, the doll became indignant and threatened her with its prodder.

"Whoa there dolly!"
She jerked the doll away so that it wouldn't stab her in the face. The doll continued to wave the prodder at her, so she spoke to it in a trembling voice, "Don't stab me, I'm not going to hurt you."

She stared at the dolly.
"Don't get so mad."

The doll lowered its prodder as she continued to placate it. The doll eventually calmed down and put away its prodder.

"Alright, I'm not gonna kiss you up this time," Attie said as she shook the doll playfully. She hummed a silly song as she made the doll hop up and down in the air.

"Ok dolly, dum dee dum..."
"Yeaay derpies!"

Francesca woke up with a sudden fit of giggles. The first thing she did was make faces at herself in the big mirror and flap her arms about. Attie put the doll away and started her taekwondo training. When Francesca came out of the bathroom, it looked as if the Lion merely woke up early to practice her fighting technique after all.

Next chapter: More Voodoo and Hoodoo.

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