Sunday, 16 November 2014

The Four Stars Chapter Nine

Previous chapter: Voodoo Tricks.

Chapter Nine: More Voodoo and Hoodoo.

Pleased as punch with the success of her first prank, Attie decided to continue playing with the dolly in the afternoon. She tossed it up and down and swung it by its arms, occasionally confusing Francesca when she felt like she was floating. Hera went to the computer club to work again, as per her routine, so the Lion Twins and Francesca remained home in the evening.

"I've got Hercules, Casino Royale, and Johnny English on the record tonight," Attie said to her cousin and twin. "Shall we vote?"

"I'm not in the mood for movies, Attie," Francesca said. "Ask Isabel," she added.

"You decide, Attie, I'm busy preparing food for tomorrow," the elder Lion said. Attie looked at the video previews again and chose to watch Casino Royale.

When Francesca went upstairs to browse the web on her computer and Isabel was engrossed in making the next day's meals, Attie took out the doll. She grabbed the prodder and stabbed it in the dolly's heart.

Too angry to slam the door.
Francesca was busy reading some story and beauty tips when she felt a burning pain. The pain shot from Francesca's heart to her head, then radiated all over her body. She stomped out of her room in a rage. She was so angry with the pain that she couldn't be bothered to slam the door. "What's wrong with me?" she groused. "I feel like beating the snot out of something."

She stormed over to the punching bag in a fine rage, ready to duke it out. Before she did, she turned on the radio and flipped to her collection of heavy metal and gloomy electronic songs. As one of the songs about a rabid vampire fan blared out, Francesca beat up the bag in a bad temper. The song soon ended, but it wasn't enough to cool the temper, so she continued hitting out at the bag.

The bag went bonk!
She kicked and punched the bag in time with the harsh metallic notes and brassy soprano of Brief Candle. One misstep later, the bag bounced back and beaned her in the face. She staggered back as she saw stars and bubbles. She shook her head to clear it and slowed down her movements to match a Linkin Park song.

Meanwhile, Attie put away the doll and resumed watching the super spy movie. She daydreamed about being a famous spy once more. "Ah, Amelia Bonn I'll be," she whispered.

Isabel finished preparing some pasta sauce and fish steaks for the next day, and put them in the fridge. She joined her twin and they watched the rest of Casino Royale. "You really think you can be as smooth as 007?" Isabel asked. Attie nodded with a silly grin on her face. Isabel snorted and rolled her big black eyes.

One cross little girl.
Music soothes a savage heart.
Francesca was tired of beating up the bag, so she stomped out to the balcony and glared at the view. Then she picked up her violin and played it roughly. As time passed, she managed to cool down as nobody came out to bother her. Her playing became softer and more peaceful as she practiced well into the night.

When night really fell, she went back into her room. She calmly rubbed a greasy salve on her hands and feet before going to bed. The Lions came up later, and Attie checked on her cousin, who was now fast asleep. The younger Lion shrugged and went on her way to put herself to bed.

Next chapter: A Little Solitude, Please!

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