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The Four Stars Chapter Seven

Previous chapter: Finding The Faraway Tree.

Chapter Seven: Faraway Tree Found.
So much for a literary parody. ~The Watcher.
Things went on as usual until the next morning, after a simple breakfast. Hera whipped out her phone and said, "Fran, let's take a picture!"

"Selfie?" Francesca asked.

"No, not selfie, and it's not a groupie either," Hera replied as she stood beside her friend. "Now, smile up!"

The two smiled, and Hera snapped a shot.

"Say cheese, bub!"
The two friends looked at the picture. "See? You're so cute!" Hera exclaimed.

"You look good, too," Francesca said, pointing out Hera's shocking blue eyes.

"It's not everyday you see a blue-eyed black," Hera chuckled. "Anyway, I'll go for a spot of violin playing before I have to work at the computer club again. See you."

As Hera strode off, Francesca glanced around. Attie had gone off to the police station, and Isabel was washing the plates while in her pajamas. Isabel dried her hands after putting the plates away.

She whispered the secret into Isabel's ear.

"Isabel, I've got a nice secret," Francesca said. When her elder cousin approached her, Francesca leaned in and whispered, "I found the Faraway Tree."
"You found WHAT?"
"You WHAT?" Isabel exclaimed. "The Faraway Tree? I thought that was in England."

"What I meant is that I found a magic tree. You know how the Faraway Tree goes to strange new lands? This tree does almost the same thing, just underground instead of up in the sky," Francesca explained.

"I see," Isabel said, "Very interesting. How do you get in?"

"Talk to the tree and look after it. A door should appear in it after a while. You'll find a big bunch of clouds at the end," Francesca said in a low voice, not wanting Hera to overhear.

"And I just go in?" Isabel asked.

"Yes, you do. By the way, wear some galoshes when you get into the tree." Francesca said, "I walked right into a stream I didn't expect when I tried."

"So that's why Attie was yelling about wet socks yesterday," said Isabel. "I thought you were daft enough to jump into the river without the right clothes."

"Not to mention soaked shoes, though I didn't jump into the river," Francesca added. "Good luck, cousin."


Later that morning, Isabel went to see the magic tree for herself. She saw it soon enough. It was in slightly better shape after Francesca had watered it the day before. Isabel collected some water from the river and came back to the tree.

Isabel hummed to herself as she watered the tree. After she emptied the watering can, she looked up and began speaking.

"Hello, tree," said Isabel. "I found out about you through my cousin, so I hope you'll let me in. I'm not planning to spoil whatever's inside your portal or anything of that sort. I'll leave your roots alone besides tending to them whenever you need them," she chattered. After a while, part of the trunk slid open to reveal a winding passage.

Isabel boldly stepped in, and flashed her phone into the darkness. She pointed the light at the ground and walked ahead into the passage. She trod right into the stream. When Isabel pointed the light ahead, she saw a cloud in the distance. Isabel walked right into the cloud.
Isabel ran around the secret garden.
When Isabel got out of the cloud, she saw a very different place. A garden that grew wild, with flowers and fine trees all over the place. The older Lion ran around, overcome with joy. She stopped under one of the pink-leaved trees to enjoy the view.

"No wonder Francesca was so impressed," Isabel said. "It's beautiful."

She continued to admire the scenery, and thought of her mother. "Mom would love this place. Nature in its finest glory. It looks like it hasn't been touched for centuries. It's going to be hard to keep such a secret, but I'll do my best."

Next chapter: Voodoo Tricks.

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