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The Four Stars Chapter Six

Previous chapter: Childminding Again.

Chapter Six: Finding the Faraway Tree.

My chosen ones can pursue their hobbies now that they're not being crushed by supervillains. ~The Watcher.
Francesca had taken a day off from writing and proofreading for the SimLady magazine. She wondered what she should do with herself as her housemates had gone to work. "I can't lie around all day, I need to observe people and get some ideas on the current cultural trends," she thought. So she went to the park again.

When she got there, she regretted her decision, and busied herself by admiring the parts of nature instead.

She picked at a little rocky outcrop and peeked into an old log to pass the time. She then tried her luck at catching frogs by the fish pond. The frogs kept hopping away, as she didn't want to fall head first into the pond.

Soon, she overheard an interesting rumor from the park visitors. Apparently, an old tree that was the only remnant of an enchanted wood still stood in one corner of the Willow Creek housing project. The tree was said to contain a secret that would cheer anyone up, and stood out because of its immense height and color.

More listening revealed that the tree was in the low-cost area of Willow Creek and beside the river. Francesca quietly scuttled off to find this unusual tree. She found it easily.

A tree of immense size and color.
She gazed at the large tree in front of her. It was festooned in colorful fungi and surrounded by flowers. When she looked up, she noticed that the leaves drooped. "Lack of water?" she wondered.

She took some water from the river and poured it at the base of the tree. The ground was soon soaked with the fresh water. "I guess you're lonely, tree," she said. "It's alright, I haven't come to cut you down," she explained. "I came to have a gander at you."

As she continued chattering to the tree, an elderly man passed by. He suddenly walked in front of Francesca and made a remark, "Hello buxom!"

Francesca gulped and scowled at the man. "Who are you?" she asked.

"Mister Rose, and you have a nice figure," said the old man. He then stared at her chest.

Bah, interrupter.
"Buzz off, you old creep," Francesca muttered. When he continued to gape at her, she got annoyed and ran off. A while later, she saw the old man shuffle off, so she went back to the tree. She saw an opening in its trunk, and squeezed in.

"Splish!" Francesca trod right into some water. She shuffled around and saw a faint cloud in the distance. When she poked her head through the mist, the sight dumbfounded her. Alas, she had to rush off home, remembering that she ought to greet her housemates when they came back from work.

When Francesca got home, she took off her shoes and socks, then left them to dry Francesca took out a battered old book to read in the living room. The cover showed a round-faced old man in a treehouse, and the top of the treehouse touched the sky. "I couldn't see anything in the sky above the tree," Francesca mused. "Maybe the secret's under it."

She managed to swallow the secret and hide it till the next day.

Next chapter: Faraway Tree Found.

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