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The Four Stars Chapter Thirteen

Previous chapter: Nasty Little Prank.

Chapter Thirteen: Bad Omen.
I heard of angry works. I didn't expect Isabel to still have the power to paint influence. ~ The Watcher.
It all started when Isabel got worked up into a rage. She rushed off and made a very quick sketch that was later drenched in red. It showed two people fighting on top of a cliff. Isabel put up the painting after glaring at it, then stormed off to the master bedroom to have a long nap.
Isabel drew this.
She didn't expect Francesca to get influenced, however. In fact, the falling figure in the painting bore a resemblance to Isabel's cousin, having a very long ponytail trailing behind it. Francesca blew up when she saw the picture and felt insulted by the doodles. She stormed downstairs to where Hera was jogging on the treadmill while watching television.

Francesca plopped down on the pink sofa near the stairs and sighed angrily. "Something eating you up?" Hera asked. Francesca snorted in reply, Hera's voice was too chirpy for her liking at the moment. The brunette got up and poured herself a glass of soda. It was at that moment that Attie came back from work at the police station.

"Oh Attie~"
Francesca walked up to the Lion and said in a very sickly sweet voice, "Attie dear..." while carrying the soda daintily.

"What?" said Attie, as she leaned in closer to her brown-haired cousin. Hera chuckled when she saw a predictable plot twist in the current soap opera on television.

"Take that!"
Francesca suddenly poured the soda all down Attie's front. "Take that! How dare you make fun of my back end?!" yelled Francesca.

Attie shook the drops of soda out of her hair and frowned. "Why do you think throwing soda down my front will help?" she asked, as Francesca grinned.

"Crocodile face!"
"Your face looks like a crocodile. Tick tock tick tock, tick tick tick!" Francesca exclaimed, ignoring Attie's question.

"I'm not a clock-o-dile," Attie remarked, looking ready to cry. "What's wrong with you?"

"The problem's with you, not me!" Francesca replied. "Mean old lady who mocks me all the time."

"This calls for a distraction," thought Attie. "Fran, there's a three-headed monkey in the house," she said and pointed behind her cousin.

"Oh really?" said Francesca. She refused to look over her shoulder, so she didn't get startled by Attie's little roar. The Lion blinked and stepped back, wringing her hands. Then she decided to do something drastic.

"Alright, I'm sorry," Attie said. "Let's shake hands. No funny business from me."

"Hm, okay then," Francesca said, looking out of big black eyes as she put out her hand again. Attie was ready to jab her cousin's hand, but set the pin out too soon.

The pin backfired on Attie.
Ok, never mind that.
It was Attie's turn to jump up in shock when she accidentally stabbed herself with the hidden pin. Francesca stepped back until the shock ran its course.

Attie grinned nervously once the shock wore off. "Yeah, about that... It was a reflex," she said. Francesca shrugged, then giggled.

Doesn't appreciate pranks.
"So, what got you so mad?" Attie asked, since Francesca was no longer cross.

"I-I saw a picture that really set me off," said Francesca. "Not to mention your prank the other day when you zapped me."

"What's wrong with that?" said the Lion. "You didn't seem cross then."

"It was your laughing at my backside that was the last straw. I don't like being made a fool of, you hear me?"

"Right. I hear you," said Attie. "I'll back off from playing tricks on you. Hm, I wonder how Hera would take it if I played tricks on her instead."

"Oh, don't you try that, I heard you," Hera said. "Even if you two sillies thought I wasn't paying attention. What picture?"

"I think Isabel drew it. She drew someone pushing me off a cliff."

"What on earth?" Hera said in surprise. "Isabel doesn't usually draw violent pictures," she said as she hopped off the treadmill. "Shall I ask her what she meant by drawing that?"

Francesca nodded. Then the three of them heard Isabel's footsteps on the stairs. The elder Lion Twin had finished her nap.

Hera was first to speak, "Why did you draw that fight upstairs?"

"What fight?" asked Isabel, raising her eyebrows. "Wait, you mean that red painting?" When the others nodded, Isabel explained, "I was upset about the national news when I was drawing, and made that. I wasn't thinking... Let's hope this is not an omen for the coming days."

Next chapter: An Upsetting Week.

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