Saturday, 6 December 2014

Freelancing's Beginning Pains

I signed up for several freelancing networks in the span of a week, mainly under the username of TheOriginalFive. I learnt several things:

1) Most freelancing gigs expect too much for too little.
-Seen those $1 per 500 words articles? According to what I've read, these kinds of gigs are the source of rubbish spam posts. You know the kind, shilling dubious medicines and nothing worth reading. They give me a headache when I'm trying to find a decent beginning job like proofreading a book.

2) It's tough to show that I'm not just another spambot writer as I come from an ESL country.
-Sure, if I don't mention where I'm from, you'd take me for a native speaker. For verification purposes, I have to be up front about where I'm from despite the stigma.

3) I might consider becoming a tutor instead.
- Then I'd have to brush up on my Mandarin so that I can reply to what I hear.

4) It takes time to build up confidence. Maybe too long considering point 2. I'll maintain this blog as proof I can write well despite being from an ESL country.

5) People don't seem to take someone who combines an enjoyment of casual things (on their social networks) with a desire for work seriously. It has to be one or the other for most employers.

6) I am leery of connecting a lot of my financial details. You never know what they might be used for.

7) Freelance networks that take ages to load, then nag about verifying cards instead of just Paypal; and shill you on getting a subscription are not the best idea. Even if you signed up for free!

I'm hoping for the best, but freelancing in my experience, has been a series of long periods of boredom.

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