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The Four Stars Chapter Thirty

Previous chapter: The First Bloom.

Chapter Thirty: Declamation.

As Hera was playing random snippets of music on the piano for her morning practice, Francesca asked Attie to come upstairs. "Oh Attie," she said to her cousin. "I have a poem for you."

The Lion grumbled as she waited for Francesca. The plump girl took out a book and began, "There's an adrenaline maniac in the house, whose steps are full of bounce."

As Francesca went on, Attie snored. Francesca stopped halfway through her poem and pouted at her cousin. Attie woke up with a start and looked at her with little black eyes.

"You're no fun."
"You're no fun," said Francesca. "That was supposed to be a nice poem for you."

"I don't think it was particularly fun," Attie snarled.

Meanwhile, the music downstairs stopped suddenly. Hera remained at the piano and placed a hand on her nose.
"Eureka! I can play Korobeiniki by memory!"
The blue-eyed woman was happy. "Now I can play Korobeiniki without referring to my notes," she chirruped. Back upstairs, Attie was making her disdain clear.

"I don't take too kindly to poetic types like you, they're too frippery, too wishy washy, and you don't know how to make a stand!" Attie snapped at Francesca.

"Okay, okay, you don't have to yell at me," said Francesca. "I thought you'd like the poem I composed for you."

"You should know that I'm not in the mood to stay still," Attie said huffily and went downstairs. Francesca stared at her.


Over brunch, Hera told the Lions her big idea. Attie slipped into a seat next to her twin.
"So, I was thinking of getting a rocket kit, Lions. What do you think?"

Attie butted in before Isabel, "As long as it keeps you from singing!"

Hera frowned. "My singing is not that bad," she said. "Or do you think I'm Cacofonix?"

"Yes, I do think your singing sucks! Only, it sucks so hard that you won't even get teen groupies backing you."

Isabel said sharply, "Attie! Stop being rude."

"It's true. We all know Hera can't sing for anything, neither peanuts nor toffee," Attie said to her twin.

"Doesn't mean you can laugh at her," Isabel said, as Hera got up and stormed off to her room, grumbling about rocket kits the entire time. Isabel looked at her twin and said, "I heard you criticize Fran's poetry rudely. Go and apologize to her."

Attie, for all her nastiness, still listened to her elder twin, so she went upstairs to look for her cousin. Francesca was in her room playing Puzzle Cove. Sinopia was pacing around deck after a successful hunt.

"Fran, I'm sorry for making fun of your poetry," Attie said. Francesca didn't reply at first, but logged out of the game.

"Let's talk this out in your room," said Francesca. They soon went there and sat on Attie's bed, the one with pink spreads.

"Do you accept my apology?" Attie asked. In reply, Francesca reached out to poke Attie's stomach.
Attie slapped her cousin's hand away.
"Wow, don't poke me!" Attie yelled and slapped Francesca's hand away. Francesca giggled and scratched Attie's stomach through her thin red shirt. The Lion purred as loudly as a motorbike and shut her eyes.

Attie purred loudly.
"You're like a pet wolf, you do like stomach rubs!" said Francesca, as she continued to scratch the Lion's stomach. Attie couldn't stop laughing as her cousin's thin fingers ran across her belly. Francesca finally stopped when Attie cried with laughter and gasped for breath.

"Okay, okay!" Attie yelled. "You're fiercer than you look."

"I accept your apology about the poetry," Francesca replied. "Come, let's go downstairs. I hear that Hera's memorized another song."

Next chapter: Acting For Sweeps.

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