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The Four Stars Chapter Twenty Seven

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Chapter Twenty Seven: Run, Lion, Run!

Francesca thought Attie's senses would return that afternoon. She was wrong. When she tried running by herself, Attie came upstairs and started criticizing her running.
"Chest up, stomach in!" Attie shouted. "Faster! Go faster! You're like a snail!"

Francesca tried to go faster, but not too fast. She didn't want to fall down and break her snubby nose.

Attie continued blaring about Francesca's running.
The Lion wasn't satisfied, she continued pointing at the ground and shouting about foot posture. "Toes forward, you fool!"

It went on for a few minutes until Francesca gave up. Sweat dripped down her back and her brown hair was clumped up. She got down from the treadmill as Attie grumbled about unhealthy sims.

Francesca finally saw Attie's sports clothes. A tiny shirt and really short shorts with red pantyhose. "What is she thinking by dressing like that?" Francesca wondered to herself. She plodded off to have a nice long bath.
"I might have been too hard on her," thought Attie. "Thought I could motivate her to run. I'll try getting Isabel to run instead."


Isabel agreed to let Attie teach her better running techniques. Attie couldn't bear to yell harshly at her elder twin, so she had to word her criticism nicely.
Attie leaned down to critique Isabel's steps.
"Isabel, try keeping your toes forward," Attie said after she leaned down to look at her twin's feet. "You've already got your stomach in and chest up."

Isabel purred in amusement. "How's this?" she asked, letting her arms hang down.

Attie shook her head. "More swing," she replied, waving an orange-tipped finger. Isabel bent her arms at an angle and ran.

"You can do it, sis!" Attie cheered. Isabel ran at a steady pace, going faster when Attie told her to do so, then slowing down. The cycles repeated until Isabel had done this ten times. She slowed down to a walk and counted her pulse.

Neither of the twins noticed Francesca watching from the top of the stairs. The brown-haired girl shrank back and hid upstairs, feeling awkward.


That evening after dinner, Francesca wrote to her parents about Attie's training, and some other things:
Mom, dad, Attie's gone fitness crazy. She went on about running for my health, then got Isabel to run too. She shouted at me, cheered when Isabel could run, and I think she'll nag Hera soon.
She paused as she thought about what next to add in her email. She continued:
I'm not the healthiest person in the world by a long shot, but I do my weights. Which reminds me, does Prudence pull her weight around? What's her email? Does she have a Japanese name in the first place?
Francesca sent the email off after looking through it once more. She hoped her parents and brother were okay.

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