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The Four Stars Chapter Twenty Six

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Chapter Twenty Six: I'm Georgina Amelia!

The sun shone brightly that morning. A pair of lions were snoozing in their beds. The younger one woke up first and looked around.
Attie kicked the blankets away and swung her long legs over to the floor. She hopped out of bed with a big grin. "I'll make a cake and surprise my friends," she thought as she pulled the blankets back. She scurried downstairs. Isabel slept on, unaware of her twin's plans.

Attie put some eggs, flour, and vanilla essence in a bowl. She stirred the things together, trying to turn the bowl on its side.

"Ah! Sheesh!" Attie squealed as the bowl did a somersault and water splashed on her. She put the bowl upright and mopped the counter. "Alright, no more stunts," she said to herself as she stirred the cake mix with some milk.

She got it done and stuck it in a pan, then put the pan in the oven. "Plain vanilla today," she said. "There's always milk to spruce it up, or some other topping."
When the cake was done, Attie carefully took it out to cool. Francesca woke up from a dream about a land made of sweets, and she mistook the smell of newly-made cake for part of the dream. She padded downstairs and saw her cousin fanning the cake.

Attie quickly cut out a thin slice of cake for Francesca, who put the slice on a plate and sat at the table to eat it. The Lion took a piece of fish to eat for her brunch and sat beside her cousin. They started eating.

"I must confess something," said Attie. Before Francesca could ask, Attie continued, "My name's Georgina Amelia Steelbeard. My great-great-grandmother was a notorious pirate!"

Attie cackled.
"No no! You can't be Georgina Amelia Steelbeard!" Francesca yelled in fright. "There's no such person and your great-great-grandparents came from China!"

Attie cackled with laughter. "Haw haw! Where do you think our family fortunes came from, if not from pillaging the high seas? You think we all did honest days of work?"

Francesca stared mutely out of the corners of her eyes as Attie calmed down from her laughing fit.
Francesca glanced timidly at her cousin.
Attie blinked, then said, "What? I thought you'd like that story, since you were playing Puzzle Cove last night, Risen 3 the day before that, and talking about Sinope Marzipan afterwards with Hera."

"It's Macaroon," Francesca stammered.

"Macaroon, Marzipan, both are candies," said Attie. "Isabel said you're the girl who won't grow up. Still throwing childish tantrums and naming your characters after sweetmeats."
Francesca scowled after Attie explained herself. "That's not funny."

"Don't like my efforts to cheer you up?" Attie asked, still grinning. "What a shame!"

"You could have done it more tactfully," said Francesca, glaring at her slice of vanilla cake. "Scaring me by saying you're Georgina Amelia Steelbeard, pah!"

"You're missing the point behind Amelia," said Attie.

"What?" said Francesca. "I don't get it. Your pirate name makes another unappealing acronym."

"Didn't I mention that I'd like to be named Amelia, although I like my current name as well?"

"Your spy name, wasn't it?"

Attie nodded yes. Francesca got up in a huff. "I think I'll come back when your senses return this afternoon," she said, taking the cake with her.

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