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The Four Stars Chapter Thirty Eight

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Chapter Thirty Eight: The Scent of French Perfume.

It was two weeks before Hera felt the rocket was fit for flight. She had put in a dashboard computer, fine tuned the engines, and generally took her time to make sure everything was in place. It was also a day when the four housemates had the day off.

Hera was playing the piano trying to recreate some more game soundtracks, while Isabel was staring in admiration at the various snaps of art on Tumblr through her phone.

Francesca went out to weed the garden, and was picking the wildflowers from the base of the trees. "I hate this chore," she grumbled to herself. "I must scrub my hands after this."
Meanwhile, upstairs in the master bedroom, Attie was dressing to impress her cousin. She pulled on a simple red shirt and loose black trousers. "I'm hot stuff even in pants," she chuckled after seeing herself in the mirror.

With a big smile on her face, Attie sprayed some French perfume on her neck, just under her collar, and a bit on her stomach. She rubbed a bit of the fine scent onto her arms as well. After preening, she went out into the garden to find Francesca.

The brown-haired girl had washed her hands clean of the dirt, and was staring at the brick formations. She looked up and saw Attie. "Oh, hello," she said. "What do you want?"

"I want to know if you'd like to go on a trip with me," said Attie.

"A short one's fine with me," Francesca said. "Where to? Shall we take a bus to the library?"

"I've got a better idea. Shall we see stars, Fran?" Attie asked very politely. "Hera gave me permission to use the rocket ship," she said glibly. Francesca nodded.

"Then we'll go," Attie said and went over to the rocket ship. She opened it and grabbed two space suits from the hold.

When the pair put on spacesuits over their clothes, Attie paused before entering the rocket ship. She hoped that she'd be able to go through with her plan.

Francesca really believed that they were going to see the stars in the sky. "Are we going to see any big ones up there?" she asked, her eyes wide with excitement.

"You'll be seeing stars alright," Attie said. "Very intimate ones," she thought to herself.

They clambered into the rocket, and Attie started its engines. She quickly read the note that Hera had pinned for her own reference. The scrawled note stated that the rocket could only fly up to three kilometers in altitude.

"Three, two, one, liftoff!" Francesca quipped, and the rocket did just that.

Once the rocket got high enough to hover around, Attie set it to autopilot, and paced towards her cousin. Francesca was gazing at the stars. "Lovely view," she said.

"So are you, Fran," Attie said. She took off her space suit as Francesca stared at her.

"What? It's heavy. Would be more comfortable to take it off since we're not actually in space."

"Huh. Alrighty then," Francesca said and slipped out of her space suit. She crossed her arms when she noticed Attie staring at her chest. "Have I gotten plump?" she asked in her funny little British accent.

"Plump in all the right places," Attie said with a smile. Francesca's pale face turned bright red. Attie went right up to her and kissed her on the cheek. "What was that for?" Francesca asked.

"A kiss for a kiss, ma cherie Demoliri," Attie purred, putting a hand on her cousin's chest and reaching for the zipper with the other. "Maybe more."

Next chapter: Smothered in Perfume.

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