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The Four Stars Chapter Thirty Four

Previous chapter: The Kiss.

Chapter Thirty Four: Postal Delivery.

The beeping was the first thing Hera heard in the morning. She rolled over and picked up her phone. There was a message, and it said that her rocket kit would arrive soon. The news caused Hera to hop out of bed and put on her clothes on in a hurry.

A quick wash and brush later, Hera was ready. She sat by the mailbox, hoping for the delivery. It didn't come. Hera looked at her phone, it was six in the morning! She decided to go back in and sleep again, in her day clothes this time.

When she woke up again, it was around ten in the morning. She went out for breakfast and saw her housemate Attie.
Hera chattered about the delivery.
Hera greeted her friend cheerfully. "My rocket kit's coming today," she said, as Attie ate her breakfast thoughtfully. "If it comes in the morning I'm going to unpack it and put it together," Hera went on. Attie made a snort of approval, then got up and put her plate away.


The post arrived in the form of a labeled parcel, which warned Hera to open it outdoors. A crash, a bang, and a thump later, Hera's parcel was finally unpacked. She stared at the resulting pile of metal propped up on the base.
An enormous set.
"I didn't expect a small box to hold a kit this big!" she said. "I thought it was a toy rocket. Don't tell me it's a Whovian bit of technology."

She flipped through the manual and mouthed the instructions. "Arrange the parts in order with the provided screws. Complimentary soldering materials are included."

Hera tried to pick up the parts. They were surprisingly light. "Can this thing really fly?" she wondered, as she screwed in the parts of the base.

She put on some goggles as she welded and soldered the joints. "Bad joints means the rocket will fall to bits in midair. I don't want to be a pancake!"

She looked at the manual and blueprints again. Soon, her head was swimming with design ideas, and an overwhelming need for sleep.

The blue-eyed woman soldiered on, and got the base of the rocket done along with the stabilizers. Finally, Hera got bored of putting the rocket together all day. She went back inside and started running on the upstairs treadmill, much to Isabel's surprise.

"I thought you still don't like running," said Isabel.

"It was that, or get bored fixing my rocket kit."

"What about your games?"

"Played through all of them. I'm waiting to get Half Life or Garry's Mod."

"You don't say! Did you finish playing Fallout?"

"I did too," Hera remarked, jogging on the steep treadmill without falling over. "Don't get why the Lone Wanderer has to die in the end. She's got a radiation proof bot she could send in to deactivate the machinery, so she didn't have to melt and die. The game wouldn't let me do that, or send anyone else in."

"It's self sacrifice."

"It's foolish," Hera said. "I can understand not sending humans in, but why not an already mutated monster or a robot?"

"You'll be even more worried with the third Mass Effect's endings, if you get the game and play through that."

"Where's Francesca anyway?"

"She had to go to work for a while, sudden urgent project. She'll be back this evening," Isabel explained while pulling on the weights.

Next chapter: Exploitation, Me?

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