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The Four Stars Chapter Thirty One

Previous chapter: Declamation.

Chapter Thirty One: Acting For Sweeps.

The day after Francesca tried to declaim her poem of Attie, the housemates came back from work early. All except for Isabel, who had to stay back to conduct a night-painting session. Hera was playing through her game collection, checking up on VaudeVille, and napping when she felt too tired to continue.

Francesca ate a chicken sandwich for dinner while Attie had a lemon-covered salad. The Lion found her meal much too sour, but scarfed it down anyway. After Francesca washed her hands clean of the sandwich, she turned around and found Attie standing in front of her.

"What do you want?" she asked, a little peevishly. Attie grabbed Francesca's hands in reply. Francesca wasn't amused. "Did you hear me?" she asked again.
Attie took hold of Fran's hands.
Attie suddenly handed out a bright red rose after letting go of Francesca. Francesca took it and stared at her cousin. "It's for you," said the Lion. "You love roses, don't you?"

"A flower! Thank you!"
"I do! Thank you!" Francesca replied. She clutched the rose to her chest and smiled. "How did you know?"
"You've got a hankering for romantic stuff, even if it's still tinged with the macabre," Attie said.

She then made a sudden move and stroked Francesca's face. The plump young woman pushed Attie's hand away and gave her the side-eye.

"Let's play a trick on Hera," Francesca suggested. "When I give you that Look of side-eye, you should pet me on the face."

"That's a funny idea," said Attie. "I'm game. I'd like to see the look on Hera's face when we act up."


Francesca and Attie were watching a comedy show as Hera came out of her room, whistling a new tune she had just memorized. She plopped herself on the sofa beside her housemates. "What's new?" she asked.

"Nothing much," said Attie. She got up and stood in front of the stereo. "We've got something new to show you."

Francesca got up too, and moved towards her cousin.
"Show me what'cha got!" said Hera.
Hera stretched, bending her back. "Show me what'cha got!" she said, looking at Attie and Francesca.

She gave Attie the Look.
Francesca gave Attie the Look, the kind with half-closed smoldering eyes through her thick eyelashes. Attie knew what that was code for.

She grabbed Francesca by the chin and ran her hand all over her face. Francesca drooped with a silly smile. Attie propped her up by her shoulders after petting her face.

"Wait, what?" Hera chirruped in surprise. "Is that it? Heavy petting?"

"We could go further, but it would make you queasy," Attie purred, hands on hips. "It would also upset Fran."

Before Hera could reply, Attie went off to the bathroom. Hera shifted to the end of the sofa and Francesca sat down.
Hera asked Francesca.
"Fran, are you two acting for Sweeps Week or something?" Hera asked.

"What's a Sweeps Week?"

"It's a time when shows and games go all out to grab attention and reviews, including bisexual stunts. You know, fan service, pandering to the base?"

"No, I'm not acting," said Francesca. "Doesn't Attie like both men and women by nature anyway?"

Hera shrugged. "Maybe it's a cultural thing I haven't got the hang of yet," she said and took a sip from her orange juice. "Though one usually doesn't get all touchy feely unless they have the hots for someone!"

"Fair point. Most people in my culture think nothing of a really close friendship."

"Be careful, Fran. Attie's not an easy Lion to tame, if you're thinking of that."

Francesca replied, "I'll be fine. Thanks anyway for your concern."

Next Chapter: Postal Order.

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