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The Four Stars Chapter Thirty Three

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Chapter Thirty Three: The Kiss.

It was the weekend and the four housemates were having the day off from their work, so Attie dashed out for a run. Her long legs struck the pavement and she went as fast as the wind. "I really like running," the Lion thought. "Gives me time to myself."

After Attie came back from her outdoor run, she went upstairs, where Francesca was reading a book on Isabel's bed. Francesca sat up and put down the book. "How's the run?" she asked.

"Great, as usual," Attie purred.

"Wearing more clothes than usual, are we?"

"Since Isabel told me to put some more clothes on, or I might catch a cold," Attie joked. Francesca got up from the bed and walked over to her cousin.

"Want to hear a secret?" she asked. Attie nodded. Francesca leaned in close and planted a kiss on Attie's cheek.
She kissed Attie on the cheek.
Attie grinned as inappropriate thoughts of her cousin danced in her head. Francesca stepped back after kissing Attie's face. "That's a French kiss, right?" Francesca asked, looking uncertain.

"In one sense," Attie said, still grinning. "There are many others," she said, as she went to the bathroom to change her clothes.


After Isabel came back from shopping for groceries, she put away the goods. She then sat down on the sofa to rest her back. "Case of the cold, now my back hurts, ugh," Isabel grumbled to herself. Attie and Francesca came downstairs.
"Come on, give me a hug," said Francesca. She held out her arms in an inviting gesture and inadvertently gave Attie the Look.
Attie kissed Francesca's lips instead.
Attie acted quickly. She lunged forwards and planted a kiss on Francesca's full lips. The brunette stared at her. "What, wh-why did you do that?" Francesca asked, her black eyes wide in surprise.

"Cause you deserve more than a hug," Attie replied. Francesca was busy wiping the kiss off her mouth, so she had nothing to say to that. Isabel was dumbfounded. She would have to ask what her twin meant by kissing Francesca!

At that moment, Hera came out of her room. She saw Francesca wiping her mouth hurriedly, Attie  grinning like a Punch, and Isabel tapping her foot. The elder Lion got up from the sofa.

Hera hugged Isabel quickly. "I don't know the right thing to say about your twin or your cousin, Isabel," said Hera. "We know Attie likes both men and women."

"She does, she always has."

"I'm pretty sure Fran doesn't like women," said Hera. "Why is she getting passionate with Attie then?"

"Two women getting passionately friendly is no big deal where Fran's family comes from," said Isabel.

The radio blared some love song in the background, "I want you... to make believe it's the first time ever."

"Still..." Hera remarked, just as Attie grabbed Francesca and swung her down. "I wouldn't like to look at what's behind me."

"HELP! Hera-!" Francesca yelled before Attie muffled her with a long kiss.

"So, what about them?" asked Isabel.

Hera shuddered when she heard the muffled yells from Francesca, who was being kissed up by Attie. Isabel noticed the shudders, and said, "Does that mean you don't like what Attie's doing behind your back right now?"

Hera paused. "Er, yes, it doesn't sit well with my sensibilities. I'll put up with it for your sake, Isabel, Attie's still your sister."

"Don't worry, I'll talk to Attie at some point."

"You'd better. I think something nefarious is going on."

Neither Attie nor Francesca heard the remark about a nefarious going-on. Isabel rolled her black eyes in annoyance.

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