Sunday, 8 March 2015

The Four Stars Chapter Forty One

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Chapter Forty One: Broadway on The Brain.

While Isabel settled down to watch television, Hera was pacing in front of the full mirror in the Twins' room. "I am the greatest!" Hera exclaimed to her reflection. "I am the best! The most marvelous! Ugh."
She looked at her own reflection. "Wow, I'm so drab," she thought. "Hang on, Hera, don't you look like the black version of a Hollywood star? Rita Hayworth mouth and nose, mi amigo?"
The reflection followed her gestures. Hera got emboldened enough to continue telling herself what she thought.

"You might not be able to dance, but you can sure conduct an orchestra! Fit for the Philharmonics!"

"Not to mention that you've got a swell personality. Loud and clear!" Hera said, pointing a finger in the air.

"In short, Herakaris Keller, you are awesome!" Hera finished telling her reflection. She felt much better, and went down to her room to write another email to her parents.

She added a note asking her mother to check on Francesca's dad's health, too.


So it came to pass that Hera gave Francesca some piano lessons the next day. Rather, it was letting her housemate stretch her fingers on something besides literature.

"I'll give you a chance, Fran. Play any song you like from memory," Hera said. "I won't criticize you unless you need help with the notes."

Much to Hera's surprise, Francesca could play the Skyrim theme from memory, and part of Let It Go, a recent hit from Pixar. After Francesca finished, Hera clapped her hands. "How did you do it?" she asked.

In reply, Francesca held up a music player the size of a quarter. "I was listening to these songs on this."

"Where'd you get that?"

"Birthday present, my mom gave it to me."

"Your mom is actually pretty swell," Hera said. "Even if she criticized your choice of color for a reason."

Francesca smiled. "Thanks. Dad's illness made me reconsider a lot of things," the brown-haired girl said. "We don't have very long in this world."

"Not unless god wills it," Hera said. She looked out of the window. "The Lions should be back any time now."

So it was. The Lion Twins were greeted warmly when they got back from work.

Next chapter: Library Trip.

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