Sunday, 29 March 2015

The Four Stars Chapter Forty Seven

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Chapter Forty Seven: Out and About.

The four housemates all went to the big park that weekend, as they had little else to do at home. Hera immediately set up for a brief musical performance, minus the singing. She pulled out her violin and played a few scales to warm up. "Doe, a deer, a female deer," Hera thought to herself.
Fran hugged Isabel.
Francesca hugged Isabel as a crowd gathered in front of Hera. "I brought all of us to the park so that we can get some inspiration," said Francesca.

"How well do you think it's working?" the elder Lion asked.
"Hera's enjoying herself, for one," Francesca replied.

Isabel pointed at Attie, who crossed her arms in a huff. "My twin? Not so much," she said. "You try talking to her."

Fran gestured wildly.
While Isabel turned to listen to Hera, Francesca spoke to Attie about the Mechanical Armageddon. "I want to make a cool concept poster to promote the game."

"Hmph," was all Attie said.

"So, Attie, I think we can take a few photos of you in martial arts poses for reference," Francesca said, gesturing wildly. "Your superhero character is someone with very long legs and big kicks."

"Sure, you can take my pose, but come to me first, my little dragon!" Attie said, embracing Francesca in one quick move. Before Francesca could yell for help, Attie nuzzled her.
Hera didn't notice.
Hera didn't notice as she was too engrossed in playing the music. She played the Pink Panther theme, which merged into Danse Macabre, then back to the Sims theme. The audience was so enthralled by Hera's playing that they didn't notice Attie feeling up her cousin either.

Next chapter: Further Park Antics.

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