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The Four Stars Chapter Forty Six

Previous chapter: Bringing Up Old Times.

Chapter Forty Six: Apologies.

Isabel stormed off to the park to cool down after Hera criticized her playing. Hera felt uneasy even after a quick shower and change of clothes. She read the notes for Carnival of The Animals, thinking of how to play them on piano later.

She didn't look up when Attie and Francesca came downstairs. The two of them started watching an action flick. When the title theme played, Hera got up and walked over to her housemates. "I'm sorry," Hera said.

"What's there to apologize about?" said Attie. "I've got no beef against you."

"I forgive you!" Francesca said, getting up from her seat. She stood in front of Hera.

"Really?" Hera asked. "I thought I upset you two with the Mechanical Armageddon game idea, I..."

Francesca knocked the breath out of Hera by hugging her tightly. "I love you, Hera!" Francesca said. "You're like a big sister to me. That main character mess is all water under the bridge."
Francesca hugged Hera tightly.
"You're the little sister I never had," Hera replied. She let go of Francesca and the brunette did the same. "You might be morbid, capricious, and childish, but you're great fun to be around."

Francesca smiled. She then looked aside, slightly embarrassed.

"Is something wrong?" Hera asked, concerned. "Toothache acting up again? I asked you to go see a dentist."

"Her passion's acting up," Attie joked. "Watch your back, Hera."
Fran went deadpan.
"What?" said Francesca. "Can't I hug someone without romantic intent? I'm not bi like you, Attie."

"Nobody said you were," Attie said and chuckled. "Though your heart is practically on your sleeve when it comes to feelings."

"Just like her superhero persona," Hera said. "Only difference is that she looks like a standoffish headsman then."


In the park, Isabel was engrossed with a chess match between two men. She stared as the men arranged the pieces in reply to their opponent's moves. Isabel felt drawn to the man with straggly black hair.
Isabel had a captive audience.
So, when the black-haired man started talking, Isabel discussed her work at the museum. The onlookers were captivated by the small talk, but he did not seem too interested until she went on about Francesca's superhero story. He looked up then.

"Your idea sounds interesting," he said. "Let me know when your cousin publishes it." He then turned back to his game.

Isabel felt snubbed, so she plodded back home.


The elder Lion returned halfway through the action movie her housemates were watching. She was glad to see that her housemates were no longer arguing with each other.

"You missed a lot of the movie," Attie said. "It's okay, you can still catch up."

"It's simple to understand, one of the latest Marvel movies," Francesca said.

Isabel sat down and the housemates spent a pleasant evening discussing the film afterwards.

Next chapter: Out And About.

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