Saturday, 14 March 2015

The Four Stars Chapter Forty Two

Previous chapter: Broadway on The Brain.

Chapter Forty Two: Library Trip.

One morning, Hera was very bored after looking up how to program simple roleplaying games. She looked at the blob of plasticine that Isabel had left on the desk, then took it. She molded it, rolled it around, and somehow or other got sailors on the brain doing so. As a result, she ended up with a miniature statue of Sir Francis Drake.

Then she heard Attie shouting about the post arriving. The younger Lion was watering the garden. Hera carried the plasticine bust of Sir Francis Drake to the mailbox, whistling the lyrics to Chubby Checker's Twist on the way.
Attie continued watering the garden behind Hera's back, grumbling as she did so. "What back breaking work," she said while pouring the water onto the plants. "We need a sprinkler, stat."

Hera picked up the postcards and went back in, still carrying the Francis Drake bust with her. Before Attie could say anything about the Francis Drake bust, Hera shut the door. Attie stood up and stretched after putting away the watering can. She then went upstairs to find her twin.

Isabel was painting as usual, too engrossed in her work to notice Attie sneaking up beside her.

Isabel yelled loudly when Attie roared into her ear. The elder Lion shrank back from her twin, and had to step back from her easel.

"What's all that about, dummy?" Isabel said crossly after Attie finished roaring. "I told you not to scare me like that if you want something. You want a snack or my permission to do something or what?"

Attie kept quiet as her elder twin rambled on, then said, "You sound just like mom. Bla bla bla, do this, do that! Attie, keep the clothes! Isabel, do the dishes! How many times do I have to tell you to wipe off your makeup, Francesca?"
Isabel laughed when she heard her twin's impression of their mother. "Seriously though, what do you want?" Isabel said once she calmed down.

"I want to go to the library with Fran," Attie said.

"Of course you can go. When?"

"This evening. We might be late for dinner."

"If that's the case, message me, alright?"

"Sure, I will."


That evening, when Hera had gone to work, Attie approached he cousin. "Francesca, shall we go somewhere?"

One would think Francesca would be wary, after what happened the last time Attie took her out, but Francesca was not the cynical sort at all. "Let's go to the library," she said. "Hera wanted me to look up some superhero fiction there, she said she wants to help keep our roleplaying memories alive."

"That's a good idea," Attie said. "Got the fare?"

Francesca smiled. "I do too," she said.

So Attie and Francesca took a bus to the local library. "What do we do now?" Francesca asked once they got down from the bus.

"What did you think? I want to spend some time with you. You spouted off before I could explain."

"On books? Okay," Francesca said, and turned to enter the library. Attie followed her in.

The Lion thought, "I didn't mean books, I meant you, as in getting up close and personal."

Next chapter: After the Library.

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