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The Four Stars Chapter Thirty Nine

Previous chapter: The Scent of French Perfume.

Chapter Thirty Nine: Smothered in Perfume.

Isabel looked up when she heard the rocket lifting off. "Hera?" she asked, and went downstairs. Hera was busy composing a song on her computer. "Herakaris!" Isabel shouted. "Look out of the window!"

 Hera did as Isabel asked, then gasped in surprise. "MY ROCKET KIT!" Hera yelled at the top of her lungs. "It's gone!"

"Never mind that," Isabel said. "We have to find Attie and Francesca!" Hera ran out into the garden, still worried.

"Where the hell is the ship?!" Hera yelled at the sky. She had rushed out in such a hurry that she was still in her pajamas intead of her vest and skirt. Isabel tottered out on her heeled galoshes and peered into the sky as well. She narrowed her eyes at the sun's light. No sign of her twin or her cousin.
"Hey! Where's the ship?!"
 The rocket returned from its trip a few minutes later. It landed safely, covering Isabel and Hera in perfume. The door opened, and Hera saw her housemates inside.

Francesca strutted out proudly.
 "Alright, you two," Hera said when Francesca strutted out of the rocket, "Why did you both go off to sightsee in the sky without, first, asking my permission, and second, without telling Isabel either?"

When Attie hopped out of the rocket and didn't answer Hera either, the swarthy woman went on, "That was a risky thing to do. What if the ship malfunctioned? You'd be news stats in tomorrow's paper! And another thing, you both look funny! What did you do?"

Neither Attie nor Francesca replied. The two exhausted women pulled off their space helmets and breathed in the fresh air.

 "On second thought, never mind, I don't want to know why you two ran off on a jet-powered joyride," Hera remarked when she smelled the French perfume and another musty sweet scent wafting off Francesca.

"I can smell it," thought Hera. "Only Attie or Isabel wear French perfume, and Fran doesn't wear any. But now Fran smells like Attie. Oh, yuck. They did more than hugging or kissing."

All sorts of thoughts ran through Francesca's head. She couldn't believe that she had just tamed a Lion up in space. The Lion in question was stunned because she didn't expect her cousin to fight back.

 Isabel approached her twin  after the pair had taken off their space suits. The elder Lion chuckled to herself, "Fran went in like a lamb, out like a lion. The other way around for Attie."

She said to them, "Well, looks like you had the time of your life on the joyride."
"I stink," thought Attie.

"Yeah, I did," Attie replied. She wouldn't say anything else as Isabel ushered them into the house. When Attie got in, she suddenly smelled a bit of a sickly scent.

"Phew, I stink!" thought Attie. "That was one wild ride. I need a wash."

Francesca shuffled into the house as she wanted to hide in her bed. She was embarrassed about what happened in the flight earlier.

Next chapter: Guildhall Wannabe.

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