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The Four Stars Chapter Fifty One

Previous chapter: Sisters' Plan.

Chapter Fifty One: To The Pool.

Two weeks later, it was business as usual, except that Attie was away at work and Francesca was constantly daydreaming about something. Isabel found her cousin grinning to herself after going to check on her.

"What's so funny?" Isabel asked her cousin, who stared at the wall.

Francesca snorted and giggled in reply. Isabel tapped her on the shoulder and broke the silly trance. "Beg pardon?" said Francesca. "What are you doing here?"

"We're going to the swimming pool. Grand opening today."

"Pool? Grand opening? The one at the gym? I haven't changed yet."

"We've still got time. Go on, get changed," Isabel said to Francesca and left the purple bedroom to give her cousin some privacy.

Isabel sat down and listened to some soft rock on the radio. She tapped her foot to the rhythm. Soon, Francesca came down in her white hoodie and black shorts. She sat down beside Isabel and waited for Hera, who minced out of her room.

"Well?" Hera asked. "Are we ready to rock the pool?"

"Aye, we are," said Isabel. "Don't mind my sudden accent."
"Okay, let's go!"
"Okay, let's go!" said Hera. Francesca stared off into space, daydreaming until Isabel shook her a little and dragged her along.

They got into the car and drove off. Francesca continued dreaming all the way to the gym, while Isabel and Hera chattered away in the front seats.

The three friends got to the gym and took off their clothes, revealing swimming outfits underneath. They went down again to the pool, which gleamed in the sun.
Francesca slipped into the water easily. Hera didn't remark on the purple outfit as it didn't show a lot underwater. She sat down beside Isabel, who was sunning herself while letting her feet dangle in the cool water.
"When did you first learn swimming anyway?"

"Attie and I were both about eleven. Our dad brought us to the pool and put us in the shallow end."

"How did it go?"

Isabel didn't reply right away to Hera's question. She stood up and took a deep breath.
Isabel then jumped into the water and promptly sank like a rock. She floated up after that, just fine. Hera was shocked.

"I didn't know you can dive," said Hera. "You swim almost as well as Attie."

Isabel shook the water out of her ears and said, "That's to be expected after lots of high school evenings spent in the pool!"
"Isabel!" a brassy little voice rang out, and Francesca splashed some water in front of her cousin. Isabel snorted and splashed back.

Meanwhile, Hera started drifting around the pool. "Where is everyone?" she wondered. "Did Isabel get the time wrong and end up missing the grand opening?"

She watched her friends splash each other and swim quick laps, then floated on her back to relax. "At least there's no loud Attie to disturb things."

Next thing Hera knew, she was fast asleep, until some drops splashed on her face. She tried to sit up and got a mouthful of water, to her surprise. After spitting out the water, she noticed Isabel sunning herself again while Francesca was swimming leisurely.

Next chapter: Back At Home.

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