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The Four Stars Chapter Fifty Two

Previous chapter: To The Pool.

Chapter Fifty Two: Back At Home.

"I'm going to look for the others," said Hera. "I feel uneasy since there's nobody else besides us."

"Feel free to try," said Isabel, before Francesca challenged her to swim laps around the pool. Hera rolled her blue eyes and got out of the pool.

Isabel and Francesca were still playing about, splashing at each other. Hera's bare feet went plop plop plop against the stone floor, and she tracked water into the gym.

The only other person in the gym was a redheaded woman that looked like Jessica Rabbit. Hera approached the woman and asked, "Where's everyone? Do you know anything about the pool's grand opening?"

"I don't know, I came here because of an anonymous tip," the redhead said. She looked at Hera carefully. "Wait, aren't you Channah Wilson, the singing gun-master?"

"That's my online name, I'm Hera."

"Rumor has it that one of your friends is working on an ending to SuperHero Quest, an unofficial one anyway. Is it true?"

"Yes, it is. It's still in planning though."
"Oh, cool!" said the redheaded woman. "I'll try out your friend's game when it's done, but I have to go now."

"I look forward to your feedback, see you later."

After the redheaded woman left, Hera went back to the pool. Her friends were still there, now resting at the edge. Francesca looked up at a nearby notice, then got up to look at it properly.

"Pool grand opening at eleven A.M.," she said. "It's one o'clock now."

"Oh! No wonder!" said Hera. "Hardly anyone goes to the gym during lunch hour."

"Speaking of which, I'm hungry," said Francesca. "I want to go home, Isabel."

The three housemates went to their car and piled in. Isabel drove, Hera sat beside her, while Francesca lay in the back and daydreamed again.  "Okay, so I got the time wrong," Isabel said. "At least we had a good time in the pool."

"I felt awkward being among the few there," said Hera. "Though I'm sure Francesca did not mind at all."

"Of course my cousin isn't much of a people person."

Francesca was still daydreaming and tapping on her phone as they drove back. When they got back to their house, Isabel asked her housemates to get changed before lunch.


"Now, what's gotten into you, Fran?" Hera said as they sat down at the table. "You've been dreaming and giggling all day."

"Whatever it is, it's not my twin," said Isabel. "At least, I hope not."
"It's not Attie," said Francesca. She then looked worried. "I got two responses from the company behind CelebQuest."

"What did you do to get them to respond?" asked Hera.

"I wrote a factually insulting letter to one admin and sent a text script of the Mechanical Armageddon to another," Francesca said with a giggle. Hera chirped with laughter too.

They giggled.
"What did they say then?"

"They disregarded the insulting parts of the letter," Francesca said, "Then they said The Mechanical Armageddon needed some tweaks to make it more appealing."

"Why the tweaks? How come you didn't show me the script?"

"The admin who read the script said it didn't feel very involved, and I made the script in a rush, I wanted to keep it a secret first."

"See?" said Hera. "Your storytelling still has potential if even the previous shareholders took the time to critique you instead of just turning it down."

"I don't know where to begin rewriting!" Francesca said. "I was told to make the story more involving. You think it's a limitation of HTML or the way I write?"
"You need pictures," Hera said. "Pictures worth a thousand words, you know?"

"I'll need suitable music on top of that," said Francesca. "As much as I like metal, it won't suit a superhero story very well."

"Music? You're looking at the best source right now," Hera joked. Isabel got up after finishing her meal.

Francesca cracked a grin. "I'll ask you if I need Baroque music in my remake," she said.

"You might, someday," Hera said, and yawned suddenly. "I'm having a little nap."
Hera fell asleep at the table.
Francesca stared as Hera fell asleep at the table. She brought the plates to the sink and washed them up. Hera continued snoozing as Francesca kept the plates and went up to her own room.
Isabel checked her phone and smiled, Attie would come back the next day. "Look, mother, I can take care of the house," she murmured as she typed an email to her parents. "We'll be fine. Just fine."

End of series.

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