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The Four Stars Chapter Forty Eight

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Chapter Forty Eight: Further Park Antics.

When Hera finished playing her violin, she realized that her housemates had scattered to different parts of the park. So Hera wandered to the fountain in the middle of the lot. She sat down on a small bench near a table and sighed tiredly.

"Hi, blue eyes," a little voice said. Hera looked up and across the table. She saw Ana.

"Hello yourself," Hera said. "Mind if I ask you a few questions?"
Hera interviewed Ana.
"Not at all."

"All right," Hera said. "Do you like superheroes?"

"I do too! Spiderman, Batman, X-Men!"

"Would you play a superhero game given the chance?"

"Yes!" Ana said loudly. "Are you making one?"

"My housemate is," said Hera. "Look out for the Mechanical Armageddon in a few months."

"Okay," said Ana. "Play chess with me."

Hera obliged, and Ana moved first. She put a pawn forward.


Hera didn't need to worry much about her housemates. Attie and Francesca were looking at the river. "Nice view," Francesca remarked. She got up from the wooden bench and stretched her arms.
Francesca started playing guitar.
She then took out her guitar and started playing notes at random. It wasn't completely tuneless, and she tried to play a Spanish song. Attie tapped her foot as she listened to her cousin's playing.

After a while, Francesca put down her guitar. The next thing Attie did was sweep her into an embrace and swing her down. Francesca was startled, then yelled, "No, I don't wanna dance!"

Attie leaned so close to Francesca then that the younger woman was terrified. She turned her head away.
"No, I don't wanna dance!"
Attie got a big slap in the face after Francesca got her bearings. "I told you, I don't want to dance," Francesca said.

Attie nursed her cheek where Francesca hit her. "You didn't have to hit so hard," she said.

"You wouldn't listen if I just told you to stop."

"Still, slapping me? You hurt me," Attie whined. "I didn't even want to kiss you this time."


Isabel heard the yelling before she found Hera, still playing chess against a little girl. "Looks like Fran's got her guts back," the elder Lion said to herself.
Little chess prodigy.
"Oh, not bad at all," Hera said when Ana made her move on the chess board. Isabel looked around.

"If your super story involves the Big Six, let me know," said Ana.

"Well, it's actually based on a different series," Hera explained. "Still cartoonish. Have you heard of SuperHero Squad?"

"I have," said Ana. "Funny show. Lots of morals too. Like Jake and The Neverland Pirates."

"The Mechanical Armageddon will be like that when it's done," said Hera. "It's about a punk girl who lost the Heart of Super City. She got laughed at, booed, and hated. She wants to get the Heart back so that people will like her again."

Isabel added, "She didn't come to that conclusion alone. Her few friends will help her get started."

"Can my school pals play it too?" asked Ana.

"Sure! It's fit for all ages," said Hera. Isabel suddenly glanced at her wrist as if a watch was around it. Hera then looked up.

"I'm going to find the others," said Isabel. "We'll go to the city mall for lunch afterwards." She moved off before Hera could reply.

"I'll see you soon, then," Hera said to Ana. She got up from the chair after letting Ana play her final move.

"My first checkmate!" Ana said happily. She waved goodbye at the tall blue-clad woman as the latter ran after Isabel.

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