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Current story: The Four Stars (Sims/HeroSmash alternate universe, 52 chapters planned.)

The Four Stars
Fiction based on the MMORPG HeroSmash.
Updates every Saturday and Sunday at 3.30 PM GMT+8.
Main characters.
Prologue: The Watcher Disapproves.
Chapter One: Moving Day.
Chapter Two: First Week.
Chapter Three: Later That First Week.
Chapter Four: Babysitting At Dinner.
Chapter Five: Childminding Again.
Chapter Six: Finding the Faraway Tree.
Chapter Seven: Faraway Tree Found.
Chapter Eight: Voodoo Tricks.
Chapter Nine: More Voodoo and Hoodoo.
Chapter Ten: A Little Solitude, Please!
Chapter Eleven: One More Outing.
Chapter Twelve: Nasty Little Prank.
Chapter Thirteen: Bad Omen.
Chapter Fourteen: An Upsetting Week.
Chapter Fifteen: A Resolution of An Upsetting Week.
Chapter Sixteen: Hera's Day Out.
Chapter Seventeen: Scary Saturday.
Chapter Eighteen: It Was A Sunday.
Chapter Nineteen: Storyteller, Storyteller.
Chapter Twenty: He Came Back.
Chapter Twenty One: Evening Matters.
Chapter Twenty Two: Ponderous Morning.
Chapter Twenty Three: Ponderous Afternoon.
Chapter Twenty Four: Francesca's Cry For Help.
Chapter Twenty Five: Stirred Memories.
Chapter Twenty Six: I'm Georgina Amelia!
Chapter Twenty Seven: Run, Lion, Run!
Chapter Twenty Eight: Francesca's Secret Project.
Chapter Twenty Nine: The First Bloom.
Chapter Thirty: Declamation.
Chapter Thirty One: Acting For Sweeps.
Chapter Thirty Two: Postal Order.
Chapter Thirty Three: The Kiss.
Chapter Thirty Four: Postal Delivery.
Chapter Thirty Five: Exploitation, Me?
Chapter Thirty Six: Sinope Macaroon.
Chapter Thirty Seven: Percussive Maintenance.
Chapter Thirty Eight: The Scent of French Perfume.
Chapter Thirty Nine: Smothered in Perfume.
Chapter Forty: Guildhall Wannabe. 
Chapter Forty One: Broadway on The Brain.
Chapter Forty Two: Library Trip. 
Chapter Forty Three: After The Library.
Chapter Forty Four: Wisdom And Toothache.
Chapter Forty Five: Bringing Up Old Times.
Chapter Forty Six: Apologies.
Chapter Forty Seven: Out And About.
Chapter Forty Eight: Further Park Antics. 
Chapter Forty Nine: Art Tutorial.
Chapter Fifty: Sisters' Plan.
Chapter Fifty One: To The Pool.
Chapter Fifty Two: Back At Home.

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